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Prof. Ghirmai Negash

Ghirmai Negash has been the founder and head of the Department of Eritrean Languages and Literature of the University of Asmara, Eritrea (2001-2005). He is the author of A History of Tigirnya Literature in Eritrea (1999), Nay Deresti Naznet [The Freedom of the Writer, 1993], and co-translator and editor of Who Needs a Story? He specializes in postcolonial theory, orature, and applied linguistics. He has been fellow, during the first semester of 2019, at STIAS (Stellenbosch Institute of Advanced Study) in South Africa. He is Professor of English & African Literature in the Department of English and Associate Director of African Studies Program at Ohio University.

Prof. Ghirmai Negash, President of the Board of Directors (The Muntu Institute)

The new President of the Board of Directors of The Muntu Institute nd The Freedom of the Writer & Other Cultural and Literary Essays (in Tigrinya), and co-translator and editor of Who Needs a Story?

His work has also appeared in journals and edited volumes including Teaching Life Writing Texts, eds. Fuchs, M. and C. Howes (New York: MLA, 2008), Research in African Literatures 40.3 (2009), Biography 32.1 (2009), Imbizo: International Journal of African Literary and Comparative Studies (2)2010, and Dirty Goat 25 (2011).

Recent additions to his publication are an Introduction to Phaswane Mpe’s novel Welcome to Our Hillbrow (Ohio University Press), and a Translation of Gebreyesus Hailu’s novel The Conscript (Ohio University Press).


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